Bernadette Douglas

Bernadette Douglas

My name is Bernadette and I am an addict.  A driving addict.  

I love driving and I love teaching people of all ages to drive, not only safely, but confidently.  

I choose to drive and teach in a manual and my aim is to alleviate any fear of it being too hard.  Anyone can do it.  It is a great accomplishment and a skill for life. 

My training began by teaching over 400 hours of manual driving as a parent, so I know first hand how stressful it can feel.  

Although not fun to start with, I gained a great insight into the development of the teenage brain in relation to understanding instructions, making decisions and performing complex manoeuvres. With this understanding I have developed the ability to confidently teach while remaining patient, calm and stress free.  Ideal conditions for a student… of any age.

I look forward to taking the stress out of your driving experience and turning it into confidence.

Jodi Fisher

Jodi Fisher

Hi, I’m Jodi.

I am friendly, patient and calm. My goal is to build your confidence, develop your coordination and teach you all the techniques to become a safe driver.

I aim to help you to feel safe and comfortable while learning to drive. I will support you in learning at your own pace, only venturing out from the back streets to main roads when you are ready.

Driving is an important life skill, I really enjoy the journey each learner goes through to gain their licence thru my tuition. It is so rewarding.

Laura Matthews

Laura Matthews

Hi my name is Laura, I drive a Manual, 2020 Mazda 3
I have over 20 years experience driving a Manual and would love to pass on my knowledge to you.
Having a manual licence can have so many benefits for your future. It's a great skill to have and it's not as difficult as you think, to learn. 
I am a people person. I have that positive "go get em" attitude, with a calm, relaxed and nurturing demeanour and a little bit of comedian thrown in to keep things interesting.
I thoroughly enjoy teaching others and dedicated to helping them achieve their goals.
Let's travel the road to a confident "pass" together. 
Raelene Wehi

Raelene Wehi

Hi, my name is Raelene and I'm from New Zealand.

We moved to Australia in 2012 and we have loved every minute. I am very blessed to have 5 cool kids who keep me on my toes.

Before having my family, I served in the New Zealand Defence Force (Navy) in the Transport Section, driving many different types of vehicles. I love driving and I love teaching.

Having 5 children teaches you a lot of things...Patience is one of them.

Being in a relaxed learning environment is so important when learning new skills.

I look forward to helping you throughout your journey to becoming a safe and confident driver.

Shanley Westraadt-Hansen

Shanley Westraadt-Hansen

Hello my name is Shan, 


I’m 30 years old and was born right here on the Gold Coast. 


I drive a 2020 Mitsubishi ASX Automatic. 


I do like to stand out from the crowd and be different. I am a fun and outgoing person who loves to helps others. From the moment you step into my car, you can be assured that you will learn to drive in a fun, relaxed and safe environment. Patience and safety is what I pride myself on and when you are behind the wheel I will be there to make sure you have a enjoyable stress free drive. My objective is to teach students the skills they need to know not only to pass their driving test but to be a confident and safe driver. 


I look forward to not only meeting you but teaching you a skill for life. 

Sandra Bain

Sandra Bain

Hello, My name is Sandra,

I am a born and bred Gold Coaster and the founder of Ezyway Driving School.

After witnessing too many tragedies on our roads and observing the carelessness of drivers, it became my goal to teach safe & correct driving skills to all my students.

I specialise in teaching students with high stress levels and anxiety. No judgement, no yelling....just fun learning. A lot of my students become lifelong friends, and in some cases, I even become part of the family...and I just love that!!

I love my job and am very passionate about it.  I look forward to both meeting and teaching you the skills you need for a lifetime of safe driving habits.

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